Study skills: Managing time as an adult learner

Main Idea The Importance of managing time as an adult learner

First Subtopic  make a to do list,make a to do list Managing your time means knowing what to do with your time.
Detail Although it seems an inconvenience, creating a To Do List is a great tool for making the most of the time available to you. Once I started using a To Do List, I became much better at managing my time and I saved time as well!
Detail  A To Do List is simply that: a list of things that must be done.
Detail  Check off items that are completed.

Second Subtopic  effectively organize your daily actions
Detail  Alternative Work Spaces to the Home Office
Detail Co-Working Facilities The Cafe The Working Vacation The
Public Library Best for  focusing and finishing tasks
Detail  WiFi-enabled Public Parks Best for  fresh air inspiration, writing, brainstorming, creativity

Third Subtopic  We use our decision making skills to solve problems by selecting one course of action from several possible alternatives. Decision making skills are also a key component of time management skills.managing time as an adult learner
Detail Identify the purpose of your decision.What is exactly the problem to be solved? Why it should be solved?
Detail Evaluate each choice in terms of its consequences.Use your standards and judgement criteria to determine the cons and pros of each alternative.
Detail  Determine the best alternative.This is much easier after you go through the above preparation steps.

Fourth Subtopic  Adult must learn the time management for success
Detail Time management is of great importance to your personal life and career success.
Detail It teaches you how to manage your time
Conclusion  Final remark. Managing time as an adult learner is very important.
In everyday life we often have to manage time and make decisions, fast, without enough time to systematically go through the above action and thinking steps. In such situations the most effective time management strategy is to keep an eye on your goals and then let your intuition suggest you the right choice.
find four references that relate to your topic for your final project: a book, a magazine article, and an online site.

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