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Evaluation Argument Essay
A claim that must take a judgement about the value or quality of an item or concrete idea. This type of argument must be supported by the use of criteria. Arguement must be organized and persuasive, criteria must serve the purpose of allowing readers to learn something about the objective your evaluating. Each criterion must be supported by evidence. Eamples of quantitative and qualitative evaluation must be used in paper.

Grading Criteria:

Paper must be 3 pages not includeing work cited page
Clain is clear judgement of value
Criteria used are specific to the item being judged and make up the bulk of the body paragraphs ) and topic sentences)
Both qualitative and quantitative evidence is included
Sources/authors are signaled with contextual information before quoted/paraphased material and MLA in-text citations is used after material
Works cited page is included and accurate

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