Briefly outline the ways in which gender play a particularly key role in later life.  Focusing on one aspect, explore the evidence and  evaluate sociological theories which help explain and understand this.(focus on employment for old people and theories on gender roles and more).
a)A brief summary answer to the question set /abstract (aims, findings, sociological  theories / arguments / conclusions)400 words( approx)
b)More detailed and depth summary of key sociological points. 500 words approx
c)List of references and sources/ bibliography.  (not included in word limit)
Appendix – optional 
You are required to use a) – c) above  as headings.
sources should include: Ageing and gender: diversity and change. Social Trends 34, 1-14
Arber S (2006) Gender andArber S, Davidson K & Ginn J (2003) Gender and ageing: changing roles and relationships. Maidenhead, Open University Press
please do not just provide quotes that back up another quote.engagement and analysis with quotes is needed.
full harvard referencing


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