Nitrogen cycle and oceanic dead zones: provide a detailed synopsis of the nitrogen cycle, be sure to include why, biologically, all organisms need “fixed nitrogen” for their survival. Discuss the role that humans play in the nitrogen cycle and how our role creates oceanic dead zones.

Research Paper Guidelines
Utilize APA Style format and references. See the Owl at Purdue site for help with APA formatting principles:

Utilize at least five references (two of which must be from credible scientific organizations). You can use Internet articles, journals, text books, etc. In fact, I strongly recommend that you utilize the APUS Online Library for your research as they offer a plethora of reliable and pertinent research sources. You may access the Online Library by clicking on the •Online Library– link on the menu bar inside the electronic classroom. However, you should NEVER use Wikipedia for your research as anyone can alter the information on this site making it a poor source of accurate information.

Paper must be typed in MS Word.

ï‚· Utilize one inch margins on all sides.
ï‚· Double-space your paper.
ï‚· Use either an Arial or Times New Roman font in a 10 or 12 point font.
ï‚· Include a cover page, an abstract, page headers, in-text citations, and a reference page.

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