Recombinant DNA technology and Molecular Basis of Cancer

Firstly, ( Recombinant DNA technology )
review the molecular techniques which form the basis of the diagnostic approaches developed to analyse genetic defects. The techniques and approaches discussed in this module have led to the currently automated diagnostic methodologies for genetic disease detection and analysis.

So I need the discussion under each point ;

– demonstrate an understanding of the techniques of: DNA digestion with restriction enzymes, the ligase reaction, electrophoretic -techniques for DNA analysis, nucleic acid hybridisation methods and nucleotide sequencing techniques.
-explain the approaches used for DNA amplification, and in particular the Polymerase Chain reaction.
-discuss the ways in which recombinant DNA techniques may be applied in the molecular analysis and diagnosis of genetic defects.
The clinical application of PCR technology in the diagnostic laboratory
secondly ( Molecular Basis of Cancer )
I need the discussion under each point
-describe the difference between a proto-oncogene and an oncogene
-outline the classes (types) of protein coding genes that are usually oncogenic and give some examples.
– describe the involvement of DNA mismatch repair genes in colon cancer.

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