Read the book”my enemy my self” and write an essay.

  1. Step one.  Focus on a theme or a particular attribute of human nature.

    Build a thesis based on one of the themes here, or any discussed today.Possible Themes:Exclusion, Resistance, Freedom, Social Responsibility, Power and Privilege, Community., revenge, anger, posing/acting, etc.Your theme could also focus primarily on one aspect of human nature.  You canals make your decision based on today’s discussion or on some of the traits below:It can be argued that humans tend to be selfish, giving, close-minded, open minded,greedy, rebellious, narcissistic, courageous, fearful, etc.

  2. Step two.  Make a thesis.Choose one of the themes or attributes of human nature, and build a thesis based on it.  After you make your choice of theme/human nature attribute, come up with questions about your theme that begin with ‘why’, ‘how’, or ’what is the impact coffeemaker the questions difficult and challenging.Create a theory based on possible answers to your question.
  3. Step three.  Detective work.After coming up with a theory/thesis, dig into both texts and gather support.   You can use the brainstorming sheets provided in class Roget started, but you will also need to dig into the text and film and extract evidence.
  4. Step four:  Outline:After finding evidence,, revise your thesis and design your outline.  Put points of comparison in best sequence – which reflects the cause/effecting your theory/thesis. Use the paragraph boxes that I  have provided.5. Step five. Write first draft.Begin writing your draft. If your paragraph boxes have been filled out beforehand, this will really help you write your body paragraphs.

Specific Paper Requirements:

  1. An introduction which provides an attention-fetter, informs the reader about the topic & sources, and delivers a strong thesis.  2. In at least three body paragraphs which express a point of comparison between My Enemy, My Self and Even the Rain.3. Each body paragraph should show the skills we’ve been working on.  They should be focused, explain their point clearly and ‘show’ or support each point with specific evidence.  Quotes make good evidence, but you can also support with paraphrase or summary.  Always provide page numbers. Make s
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