Psychoanalysis thinks different. They did not use randomized trial controls. They are not interested in diagnosis, science is subjective. They are interested with reintegration of personality and they support that reintegration of personality could not measured by scales. These are just some examples. Please give this kind of arguments. And give your positions for each arguments. Which points are ok, which points are not? Why you think like that. What is changed? Why?

IMPORTANT:other assessment criteria:

Constucts a lucid argument from an informed position.

——-Show original though in assimilation of material. Approach is predominantly analytic than description.
Excellent appreciation of ethical issues. Evidence of independent thought on professional dilemmas.

Please write your reflections. Excellent reflexivity, and awareness. Fosters, attends to and uses audience engagement and feedback.

Please explain current practice and the potential impact of theory.

Critical awareness of theory and methodological limitations. Sophisticated scrutiny and critique of key issues.

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