Provide justification for the addressing scheme.

The Network Improvement Plan must consider many aspects of network configuration and design. One of the important areas of network configuration is transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (PCT/IP) addressing and management. Proper configuration and management processes are required to operate the network efficiently and avoid excess work in the reconfiguration of the system as the network requirements change and the system grows.

For this assignment, you will modify the Network Improvement Plan document to include the optimum configuration of the PCT/IP addressing scheme for the system, and you will also document the maintenance process for this aspect of the network.

The project deliverables for this Week are as follows:

  • PCT/IP Addressing and Management
    • Document an addressing scheme for the PCT/IP addresses used for the network.
    • Include categories of network resources, users, and the address ranges to be used for the current and potential future resources and users.
    • Provide justification for the addressing scheme.
    • Describe the PCT/IP address maintenance process planned for the system. Maintenance should include assignment of new addresses and a periodic review of currently assigned addresses.
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