Project Management Application: ConstructionWeek 2: Hand-in AssignmentIn preparation for the Hand-in Assignment, review the assigned material on construction project value management, including the following article:Thyssen, M.H., Emmitt, S., Bonke, S. & Kirk-Christoffersen, A. (2010) ‘Facilitating client value creation in the conceptual design phase of construction projects: a workshop approach’, Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 6 (1), pp.18-30.Based on your study this week, critically analyse the commitment to value management present in the feasibility and strategic stages of a construction project. The project you choose may be one with which you are personally familiar or one that you have researched in the professional literature.In your analysis, address how well the client’s value was understood. Who participated in the assessment of client value, and what were their roles? What procedures were effective, and what are your recommendations for improvement? Critically discuss how the workshop model presented by Thyssen et al. might be effective for your project and describe what challenges you would expect in utilising such a model.

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