Assignment: Probation

·         Resources: Bureau of Justice Statistics Web site
·         Access the Bureau of Justice Statistics Web site at Then, click Probation and Parole under the Corrections section.
·         Research the following:

o    Reentry trends in the United States
o    BJS publications – the highlights of at least three different years
o    Adults on probation spreadsheet under the Selected Statistics section
o    Article by Allen J. Beck titled State and Federal Prisoners Returning to the Community: Findings from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, under the Also by BJS staff section.

·         Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format in which you assess the effectiveness of probation. In your paper, you must complete the following:

Define probation as a sentence.

Explain the probation process.

Explain your findings within each researched item above. What was significant about the information? What did your research indicate in terms of probation’s effectiveness?

Explain whether or not you think probation is an effective means of community-based corrections.

Support your rationale.

·         Cite at least three outside references to support your research.
·         Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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