Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular disease, is there a link?

We are NOT allowed to use internet sources for this essay. We can only use journal articles from magazine or college library data base..I can provide you with the password to my college library database. Please make sure it is double spaced and change the title question to something more has to be a question! I need the references and everything in APA format. My college library data base address is:

Then from the left you click on “off campus access”..and then from the list of the links provided you can use EBSCO and PROQUEST only..but from the left you can also choose “nursing and health sciences” and click on “dental” section..
Then it’s gonna ask you for student ID and mine is : 0198381

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me an awsome essay!!! THANKS

P.S. The sources have to be really strong sources, preferably peer reviewed.

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