Peace Studies

Answer the following questions (roughly 1,000 words each) and keep the topic clearly focused on Peace Studies, Women, and how women can/do further peace in the world.

1. We live in a 24/7 news cycle world. The minute something occurs anywhere in the world we immediately know about the occurrence. But what do we really know? How does the reporting of global events, especially war and conflict, influence our perception about the world around us and in particular the women in that community? How do the media present the other in terms of war and conflict? Looking at coverage from any recent conflict, cite at least 2 examples of poor media coverage and 2 examples of good media coverage dealing with women and war. How can journalist combat the practice of incomplete or biased reporting in this fast paced news world?

2. Using one of the areas of conflict listed: (Somalia, Congo, Darfur, Ireland, Israeli/Palestine, etc.)“ research and discuss what happened to the women in that country after the war or conflict was over. What are the roles of the women in that society today? How are they dealing with the economics and politics of the area? Are they more or less involved in the community/social structures? What changes have they made for their communities? Were they or are they now involved in any of the peace negotiations for their community? Use and document at least 3 sources when answering this question

***Need it by 9pm (central) Sept 29th. If that’s going to be a problem, pls let me know.

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