Grade derivation for different sections of the case study assignment

1- Answers to Case Study questions

2- Explain the pathophysiology associated with the
disease process

4- Review and application of pertinent literature (3 related research articles from nursing journals)

Guidelines for the Pathophysiology Case study Assignment

1)    Thoroughly answer the questions listed in your assigned case study.

2)    Explain the pathophysiology associated with the disease process (as stated in your assigned case study). If one of the questions listed in the case study indicates explaining the pathophysiology of a disease process, answer this section instead.

4)    Review three research articles related to the case study topic and consider the following:
a)    Research articles should be recently published (not more than 5 years old)
b)    Summarize each of the three selected research articles. Research summary can be written in relation to the assigned case study and the principles of the study pertain to the case being discussed. As you write the literature review, you may include the weaknesses of the selected research studies as well as the strengths in terms of methodology, conceptualization of the constructs, ..etc.
c)    Provide your interpretation and explain how each of the three research articles relates to your assigned case study.
d)    One of the three research journals should be a “research nursing journal”.
e)    Attach the three related research articles with the case study paper. Electronic copies will also be accepted.

5)    References: besides the required textbook, two other references must be utilized and cited.

6)    Use APA format/style in writing the case study paper including the references page.

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