Local Business Interview

This assignment supports the following outcomes:

Explore the basics of business and e-business.
Describe the fundamentals of building a business.
Examine how business laws and government regulations affect business structure and behavior.
Investigate the fundamental operations of business.
Value ethical and socially responsible business practices.

Interview a manager of a local business. Discuss the following:
1. How is your business organized? Do you do any e-business? Why or why not?
2. How did you build your business?
3. What are your basic business, management, and marketing concepts?
4. What impact is the economy having on your business today?
5. How do business laws and government regulations affect your company structure and behavior?
6. Provide examples for how teamwork has contributed to the successful growth of your business.
7. Does your company have a code of ethics? Why is this valuable?
8. What sort of involvement does your company have with the local community? Does the company engage in any socially responsible business practices (for example, purchasing decisions or recycling, etc.)? Describe how this is a valuable practice.

Write a three to five page paper describing what you learned from the interview. Focus on these points in your paper:
The companys organizational structure and e-business activities
How the business was built
The basic business, management, and marketing concepts of the organization
The impact of the economy on the business decisions
How business laws and government regulations affect the company structure and behavior
Example of how teamwork has contributed to the compans success
The value of strong ethical business practices and social responsibility.
Give an example of an ethical or socially responsible business practice that this business performs. If they do not do so, then please explain why it would be a good business decision to incorporate one. Describe why this is a valuable practice

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