Ladson Billing and Tate article response

Read the Ladson-Billings and Tate article and summarize their main arguments. Critically discuss their main points and how it relates to the urban classroom. Discussion points should include the following areas:
•    Race
•    Class
•    Gender
•    Language
•    Sexual Orientation
•    Immigration Status
Are there any points presented in the article that you agree with? Are there any you disagree with? Explain. What are the implications for you as a future teacher? What are the implications for your future students? Does this leave you more or less committed to being an urban teacher?

b. As best you can juxtapose Ladson-Billings and Tate’s critical race theory in education framework with at least one of the following theories and one form of literacy introduced in the Tozer text:

•    Genetic Inferiority Theory
•    Cultural Deficit Theory
•    Critical Theory
•    Cultural Difference Theory
•    Cultural Subordination Theory
•    Functional Literacy
•    Cultural Literacy
•    Critical Literacy

The section of the paper should depict some of the advantages and disadvantages. This section requires you to critically think about the theories or form of literacy you identified and how (you think) they play out in urban schools. In what ways, if any, might they influence your pedagogy? Be specific.

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