Individual Differences in Substance Use Problems – Read this article and write a RATION PAPER
This article discusses some factors contributing to substance use problems. Why do some people become hooked while others really can take that last drink or puff and walk away? How does this relate to the risk and resiliency factors discussed in class? Is this article discussing substance abuse, substance dependence or both? How do you know? When formulating your response be sure to consider and describe how the article meets or does not meet the diagnostic criteria for these two disorders. What does this say about the likely course of the illness and what are the repercussions of this article on best practices in treatment for those with substance problems?

Sorry, I couldn’t edit the PDF file so, here are Fill-Ins that must be important

1st pg


(1) Tolerance (2) withdrawal

2nd pg

Substance Abuse

3rd pg

Risk factor for later abuse and dependence is age of first use.

Alcohol use before age 14 is a strong.

Girls <Boys

4th pg

Conduct disorder (95%!!!!)

Temperament- difficult temperament

Parental depression –maternal depression and parental alcoholism


Expectation of social facilitation

Early sexual maturation


Enhancement– stimulate positive…

Emotion regulation


Relationships with adults

Pro-social activities

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