In determining the nature of the Caliphate (who should rule, over whom, and for how long), developed Sunni law reflects a combination of theological and political factors. Give a detailed overview of these factors. What advice do you think al-Mawardi would have for modern day Sunni Muslim leaders?

Academic and Ethical Standards to follow:

Remember to support your argument with evidence from relevant primary (Quran, hadith, histories) and reputable secondary sources (books, articles located through academic search engines, e.g. JSTOR, Encyclopedia of Islam, etc.).
When you cite somebody else’s opinion, make sure to indicate the original source in your text. The un-cited borrowing of others opinions is plagiarism.
Independent research, whereby you consult sources (either in Arabic or English) outside the course text, is desirable and will lead to a higher grade. No less than 5 sources should be used in constructing your answer.
Notice all essays contain several parts; your paper must seek to answer all of these.

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