Imitating Andrew Marvell

Compose a 2-page imitation poem of Andrew Marvell that is a series of lyrics in the iambic tetrameter arranged as couplets.
Your imitation should aim to reproduce the characteristic subject matter, turn of thought, phrasing, and sentence construction of Andrew Marvell. Think about what his style sounds and looks like, and try to identify and reproduce in as many ways as possible the style and content of Marvell.  Think: how often does he use images and in what ways?  Does he vary sentence length or favor one kind of sentence?  Are those sentences simple or complex, with many subordinate clauses?  Does he vary poetic forms or stick to a formula?  Where does Marvell experiment?  How does he invoke past literature, if s/he does?  What sorts of contributions to period concerns or debates does s/he make?  What sorts of diction does s/he favor?  Simple?  Long words?  Anglo-saxon or latinate vocabulary?  How does your author reflect thematic interests (i.e. content) in form?  Or is form independent of content for your author?  Who is he writing for?  Your ideas about some or all of these questions can be incorporated into your imitation.

Then, in 2-3 pages, analyze your construction. Close read yourself. Explain the tropes and tone, the syntax and terminology, the rhyme scheme or organization you’ve elected as an imitation of the earlier literary model.  Explain the significance of and the strategy behind the conceits of the poem you wrote and show how they reflect Marvell’s style and content.  How did you/does Marvell aim to achieve your effects or to impact your audience? You also can refer to and analyze examples from real works by the author him- self to explain your work.  The idea, here, is that imitation is a form of analysis: think about the characteristic moves of an author as a way of understanding the author.  What are all the ways you can figure out that he or she does business?  N.B. All sentences in early modern poems are grammatical ones, even when a line overflows onto the next one.  Make your sentences grammatical also.

CONTEXT for Imitation:
Create an imitation of Andrew Marvell in a pastoral poetic style, as is typical of his poetry. In many of Marvell’s green poems, he often maintains focus on the spiritual and how the mind governs how one perceives reality and their relationship to the natural world. The imitation should be an expression of human interaction with nature, which outwardly appears as a simple depiction of what the author sees, however when read closely provides a subtle message that conveys his or her spiritual/psychological condition and its metaphorical relation to nature.
Many of Marvell’s pastoral poems explore the conflict between nature and art, passion and happiness, as well as the human condition in relation to the natural world. The commentary he provides in his green poems, often praises idealized nature as in its most pristine qualities, which now can only be imagined in the mind, contrasting it to the state of things under domination of man. Thus, the imitation should argue in a Marvellian style, a modern-day discussion of the relationship between man and nature, in addition to the contrast between idealized nature and the reality of its true state, as well as the state of society, at the present.

Imitation poem itself must be two pages.

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