Identify all faulty arguments you find in the literature while researching your chosen plant (at least 4).

  • Part 1: Uses, treatments and cures. What are the standard applications?  Include  pictures of your chosen plant.
  • Part 2: Folklore and Superstition – there must be some very interesting tales about this plant!
  • Part 3: Medical evidence for efficacy: scientific studies and clinical trials
  • Part 4: Identify all faulty arguments you find in the literature while researching your chosen plant (at least 4). Include citations. The style is exactly like you did for the Faulty Arguments worksheet except you are not making the arguments up, but rather citing what you find..
  • Part 5: Draw a conclusion: would you recommend this herb to someone? Why or why not? Make sure you use at least one “unsubstantiated” source and one that is more reputable.
  • Required: Pictures make the work interesting
  • 2-3000 words. The word count should be listed at the end of the essay, please.
  • Reference citations (at least 4. Please provide a list of references as a last page. You may use superscripts throughout the essay to denote a reference.URLs from websites are fine, just cite the author as well, please.
  • 40 points (points will be deducted if rough draft and outline are not properly submitted before final deadline)
  • Portions of this assignment will be due before the final due date- see Modules for deadlines.

The format should be separated into parts and labeled  Part 1… Part 2… etc. Your textbook can serve as one of your reference sources. When you turn in your paper as an attachment make sure the file is labeled with the name of the plant you studied not the name of the assignment, please.

Before starting the paper, please re-read the Warning on Plagiarism in the first Module. I am VERY tough on this. Pay attention to the Turning score which will appear when you post your paper. Do not turn your paper in more than once or half your points will immediately be lost. If your Turning score is high and you wish to re-do the paper, you MUST contact me BEFORE re-submitting for a second time.

Important Note: There has been a growing tendency among students to share work with friends who take the same class after them. Please do not give your work to others! I do keep student papers and it is likely I will recognize the work which can result in a F in the class for your friend. Besides the grade issue, you are also depriving your friends of the learning experience.

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