Health Care Spending Paper

Prepare a 1,250 word paper explaining your position on national health care spending in
the United States. Include information on the following:
a. The level of current national healthcare expenditures
a. Whether the spending is too much or not enough
b. Where we, as a nation, should add or where we should cut, and why
c. How the health care needs of the general public are paid for, e.g. financed by the various payers and indicate the percentage of total health expenditures they represent.
Based on your position, provide a forecast of:
of the health care system
e. Why these needs  have to be addressed
f. How you envision these  will be financed

e. Note: Do not write paper in the first person! These are  statements!
f. Use a minimum of (4) references. This includes only (1) Internet website/source. Also, one of the four references must be the course textbook.
g. Remember to substantiate all facts and opinions by citing a reference. Appropriately cite source of any Tables and graphs used in a separate Appendix at the end of the paper.

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