Epigenetic of Twins

  • During the semester you will be required to read and understand both a research paper and a review paper in Psychology and report back to the class about:

    1. The history, present, and/or future of psychology (10 points).
    2. Summarize the topic (10 points.        What were the independent variables (5 points).
    What were the dependent variables (5 points).
    Explain the results in a table or a graph (15 points).

    3. What problems if any are there in the field you read about (10 points)?
    4. What problems are in the research (10 points)?
    5. Be critical of it (15 points).

    6. Most seminal papers are referring to a controversy in psychology:  Why is it important (10 points)?
    7. What are both sides of the controversy (10 points)?

    You will have 5 minutes to present your topic.  The better prepared you are the easier it will be to be concise and clear.

    As part of your presentation, you will post on blackboard a 1-page “handout”  to assist them in understanding the article/issue you have read about (10 points).



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