English and Literature

This essay will be slightly more complex than the previous two were.  You will need to write a 1000 word essay comparing and contrasting two different things.  These can be two diseases, symptoms, procedures, types of equipment, etc…that you are learning about in one of your other classes.  You will need to quote and cite at least 2 sources for this paper.  If you have any questions about the topic you have chosen for this paper, email me.

Your essay will need a clear introduction stating that you plan to compare/contrast two things–and you must name what those two things are.  The body of the paper must then be broken up into paragraphs–use individual paragraphs for each point you plan to cover.  You can either have a paragraph on one issue or thing and then a following paragraph on the corresponding thing you are comparing it to, or you can have a paragraph where you compare a quality or point between your two things, and then move on to another paragraph where you compare another point.  Use a logical organizational pattern to guide the reader through the comparison, and use logical transitions to move from paragraph to paragraph.

This paper must correspond to APA rules for quoting, citing, and formatting.


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