Email and Business Ethics

There are 2 work on this order please do One Topic per page/275 words.

First the email:
Compose an email to your team members expressing your thoughts about working on the research project with them. You may address positive and/or negative aspects in this email, but do remember to remain should also focus on writing persuasively; that is, work to convince your audience of the importance and seriousness of your messages.

Second The Business Ethics:
Read and make a comment.
It’s funny how corporations doing so well and also wealthy individuals brush off how they got there. So many scandals, unethical practices, and illegal activities going on; you name it and some wheres its happening. What ever happened to living a truthful life? I don’t mean everything has to be so “goodie two shoes” but every time we turn on the TV, open a news website, or just simply chat with others you tend to become aware of the bad things going on in the corporate world.
From BP being too cheap to change a safety valve, wars started because of grudges or financial gains, to a restaurant owner paying an immigrant insanely low wages just to name a few. It seems like corporations are controlling this country’s outcomes. Alan Greenspan talked a couple of years ago about how he had “put faith” into our free market system. ( The banks had a huge role in causing the financial crisis we are trying to recover from. But for what? a quick buck. BP even lobbied against integrating better safety valves. Look at all the oil now gushing into the water. ( I wonder if some of these people ever stop to think about the consequences of saving or making that quick buck. The sad truth is they probably do but don’t care because the government works in their favor.
In my opinion, corporations have politicians in their pockets. The Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ( case proves that. According to the Washington Post, the ruling was that companies can dip into their treasuries to spend as much as they want to support or oppose individual candidates ( If these unethical corporations control our politicians, and it seems like they are, I feel bad for Americas future and the future of our abused middle class citizens.

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