This is the instruction given and the topic I chose: comparing the movie, Dead Poet Society, and and essay, I Just Wanna Be Average by Mike Rose.( 5 minimum sources to be used. Paper 4 is a 2000  2500 word (8 – 10 page double-spaced or word-processed) essay. It should be on one of the topics below, and it must integrate and reference the essays and ideas discussed in the  The Myth of Education and Empowerment  unit and in class. You should discuss, in the essay, the definitions and criterion presented by the authors and those we talked about in our class discussions. As an additional requirement, you must research the topic of education and include discussions on what experts and researchers say about the American educational system (a min. of 5). Use your best writing strategies to plan, write and revise the essay. The essay is worth 200 points; 20% of the total course grade. 3. View a DVD of any film that has been made about teachers and teaching (Dead Poet Society) and compare Hollywood depiction of a dynamic teacher to Roseportrayal of Jack MacFarland(I Just Wanna Be Average by Mike Rose). Identify their values, beliefs and philosophy of teaching. How do the motive and mentor students. How to they help their students grow personally and intellectually? Are there any disadvantages to classes taught by teachers like these?

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