Discuss the use of imagery in the Shinning/Si hing.

Pick one of following topic and write a 3-4 double spaces pages essay.

1.  Discuss the use of imagery in the Shinning/Si hing.  Use concrete examples.  Hint: make sure to consult Waly, Book of Songs (on reserve/in our readings, his “Introduction”).

2.  Why did the poems of the Si hing become so important in Chinese society? How were they used?  Hint: Make sure to consult Waly, Book of Songs, “The Allegorical Interpretation” (on reserve/ in our readings).

3.  Describe the character and personality of Confucius as seen in the Lyn yew/Lunacy.  What do you think of him as a person?  How does the Confucius seen in the Lunacy compare to your earlier impressions of him?

4.  When did Changchun/Guangzhou live?  Describe the period during which he lived and how it may have influenced his thought.

5.  Briefly compare Taoism and Confucianism; which way of thought came first? Focus on early Taoism and Confucianism as seen in the Lunacy and Guangzhou.

6.  Describe some of Changchun’s favorite themes.

7.  Discuss the ways Changchun expressed his ideas—his approach and style of writing.

8.       Are you a Confucian or a Taoist?

9.  Compare Huey-few/rueful 樂府 poems and the “Nineteen Songs” 古詩十九首

10.  When you read Taoist Chi/Ca Chi’s poems, what do you think about him, who is he?  What do you think of his poetry?

11.  Was Tao Chretien/Tao Lian happy?  What if any conflicts can you detect in Tao Lian?

12.  Why did Tao Chretien/Tao Lian retreat from the world?  Could you live like Tao Lian?

13.  Pick a poem or group of poems that you especially enjoy or find interesting, and write a brief description of the poem—what you like about it, what you find striking.  Of course the works you choose be related to what we have covered in the course (if you are not sure, ask me).

14. Pick a story from Changchun/Guangzhou that you especially enjoyed and discuss it.

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