Discovery Paper

Internet Exploration and Paper: It has been said that the artist is always engaged in the history of the future because he is the only person aware of the nature of the present. This is a discovery paper and is not meant to be anything other than reporting your findings on the Internet. Do not give the history of any topic such as animation, photography, etc. If you do so, your paper will be rejected.

Instead of rejecting technology, the artist has embraced it as a means for expression and creation. Today, we see artists working in digital photography, film, video, animations, and computer aided creations of all kinds. The Internet and web design finds artists at the forefront leading the way, where just a few years ago it wasn’t imagined. The Internet is truly a visual and graphic thing.

For your paper, list and elaborate on one area in which you believe artists are working in new technologies. It is not enough to just mention a new technology such as digital photography, you need to discuss, in depth, what is happening because of the new technology. You need to try to research the Internet to discover the very latest technology. Example: it might be the latest or most unusual building material used by architects.

Do not include any new technology in other fields such as medicine unless artists are actually using the technology. Include at least one active link to an Internet source. If you do not know how to insert an active link in your paper, you will need to find out before submitting your paper. You will lose 10 points and a chance for bonus points for not including an active link.

1. Type your paper using MS Word or WordPerfect.
2. Check your paper for spelling, typos, etc.
3. Check the word count using the Tools feature to make sure your paper has the minimum word count of 750 words.
4. Check and make sure your link is active and that it takes you to the correct source.

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