Digital Storytelling Of Muslim Scholar Inventions Adapted From Islamic Ancient Manuscript

1. Introduction
A brief description of the historical / background of the problem issue.
All terminologies used in this thesis is to be clearly defined.
Problem Statements “ Indicate what the existing problem situation is, and explain why is it a problem that warrants you to undertake such studies.
Significance of the study  Identify who will be the benefactor to the findings of this research? Establish in what way/how the findings will can lead to the betterment of the user life or economic standing, etc.
Explain how significant an impact wills the findings be to the target user?
Aims & Objectives “ What do you hope to achieve out of this research?
Hypothesis you adopted for this study “ indicate precisely what stand you take at the very beginning of the research about the above issue.
Limitation & Delimitation Define clearly the scope of study in this research and its ability to meet the specified time schedule and finance that you have allocated for this study.

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