Design futures: Tangible Media and the internet of things.

Essay Details:


For this assignment you are required to write an essay that demonstrates your understanding of tangible media design, and shows that you are able to situate your work in KIB314 within both the field of interactive media design, and in the context of your future as a designer.


The topic for the written work is : Design futures: Tangible Media and the internet of things.


In the written work you are required to demonstrate an understanding of Tangible Media Design, and how developments in this field are impacting upon your specific area of interest.


For example you might look at how new forms of interactive technology are influencing the field of creative advertising or game design. Then discuss what this means for your future as a designer.


The aim of this assignment is for you to develop an understanding of how design and new technology are involved in change and present opportunities for new practices.


Your assignment should be presented as a written document, you should use images to augment your work.


The document should :


ñ critically examine how contemporary design practices and new technologies in the field of interactive media are changing the field (industry) you want to work in, for example game design, web development, graphic design, print,  advertising etc; and

ñ analyse, compare and contract, three cases or examples from the broad field of interactive media design and tangible media.

ñ  Select cases which have informed and inspired your work, or which are within your field of interest.


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