Describe Walt’s school of thought or poetic tradition.

Due in 1 hour – 7-8 paragraphs on Walt Whitman

-Walt Whitman

-SPA format


-Will be checking for plagiarism

This paper needs to consist of 4 sections, a total of 7-8 paragraphs, as outlined below:

Organize your research findings and write the paper according to the four main sections of your project as follows:

1) Provide a brief overview of the life of Walt Whitman (2 paragraph)

2) Describe Walt’s school of thought or poetic tradition. Was your poet part of a poetry movement or school of poets? What are some of the characteristics of that school/movement? What was the influence of this group on him? How did he influence others?  (2 paragraphs)

3) Share one critical opinion about Walt. Include about his contribution to American literature. (2 paragraph)

4) Analyze one poem by Walt Whitman. Combine your own thoughts about the poem with one or two observations from your research. Ask yourself, “What does the poem say or mean?” (Include any background or tradition to the poem that you know.) Comment on the poet’s use of form: images, phrasing, symbols, structure, words, repeated details, etc. Read and analyze the poem carefully. (2 paragraphs)

Include an SPA style references page. The references page must list all of the sources used for this paper.

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