Cost-utility analysis

Please choose one of the class topics which are listed here:

  1. Economic concepts
  2. Costing a treatment or service
  3. Cost-effectiveness analysis
  4. Cost-utility analysis
  5. Valuing intangible benefits
  6. Rationing and priority-setting
  7. Incentives for efficiency


And apply the concepts and ideas described in that topic to either:

  1. a) a healthcare setting with which you are familiar and which can be in Hong Kong, China or a stated country


  1. b) a public health setting in Hong Kong, China or a stated country.

For example, if you are a clinician you could base this on your own clinic, hospital or community healthcare setting. If you are studying public health and/or have no previous healthcare experience, you can use a public health setting such as tobacco control, health education, prevention of accidents, screening or any other public health issue or problem.


You will be expected to show how one or more of the concepts in your chosen topic could be applied to the setting in order to aid decision-making about resource allocation.


The target word length is about 2000 words, Vancouver style . You are encouraged to obtain information from sources other than the class notes. Please cite all sources in your list of references.


The most important thing for you to do is to show that you understand the concepts by applying them as best you can to your example.

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