please follow the instruction that i post.
i prefer you to choose the topic of “AVATAR vs INCEPTION” or “Inception compared to Memento both directed by Chris Nolan” or “Wall-E compared to Avatar”.

as the guidance and resources please use the following book
title: “A short history of film”
author: ” Wheeler Winston Dixon and Gwendolyn Audrey Foster”
open the pages as what is written in the instruction paper.

there is no source required but you can still have some resources as your reference.

Cinema 201 v1                                                    Spring 2011


Here is the TAKE-Home Exam for your Final.  It must be typed and double-spaced. DUE:  No later than Monday, June 6th at 5 PM. You may email it to me if you would like, but make sure you have the Subject line: CINEMA FINAL.  Or bring the paper to the office 1526 and put it in the box on the door.  You may also put papers in my box in the FOSS building, 3rd floor, Humanities Department.

Email:     or


In your paper, answer the following questions:

For each film, was the narrative linear or non-linear?  Give examples from the films to support your answer.


Which characters in which film (of the two films you are comparing) had the biggest obstacles to overcome?  Explain why you feel this way.


Using specific examples from the films, compare and contrast the feelings, and actions of the different main characters or protagonists.


Give an example of the narrative style, editing, and/or cinematography that you felt was important to the film.  Explain how that style in narrative, editing or cinematography helped the film achieve a strong result — or hindered the film by diluting its overall impact.


In your view, describe the most powerful one situation, story, or character.


Which film made a bigger impression on you? Explain with examples from the films.


Ask yourself why the director/writer made this film.  What did do you think the director wanted the audience to feel?  Was that achieved?


Did either film make you see or think differently about the issues and/or circumstances shown in the film than you did before you watched it?


Film options for your paper:

Avatar compared to Inception

American Beauty compared to Eat Drink Man Woman

Inception compared to Memento both directed by Chris Nolan

Wall-E compared to Avatar

Lars and the Real Girl compared to Girl Interrupted

Malcolm X compared to The Hurricane

          Hurt Locker compared to Apocalypse Now!

          Mississippi Masala compared to Monsoon Wedding directed by Mira Nair

Resources on writing about film in your own textbook:

In your textbook, see how the authors write about the characters, themes and cinematic techniques in films on these pages.  This will help you answer the questions for your Final Paper

Pages 239-250 on the themes, and cinematic styles and techniques of The New Wave directors in France; Pages 274-283 on the Hollywood New Wave directors and why the Production Code collapsed;

Pages 302-320 on World Cinema to the present; Pages 351-384 on The New Hollywood.



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