Charles Xavier vs. Erik Lehnsherr

In X-men first class, Charles Xavier thinks that humans and mutants can coexist. This is similar to David’s point of view in chrysalides. I agree with this philosophy, because people can accept difference .firstly, I will be talking about Charles point of view. The second paragraph will be a comparison of David from the book chrysalides and how his views are similar to Charles .lastly, the 3rd paragraph will be about why I agree with Charles’sphilosophy .I think that Charles Xavier’s and David’s point of view is the same. Charlesphilosophy, is that mutants can co-exist together .he is a professor of genealogy and believe that they are the next step to evolution since he says, “that Mutation took us from single-celled organisms to being the dominant form of reproductive life on this planet.” He also cares about the humans, because he knows that thy are not at fault due to their way of thinking and are very weak compared to the mutations. Lastly,he belies that since that themutations are stronger, they will be able to help the humans out and win their place in society. ThereforeCharles believes in his philosophy very strongly.  I think that from the book “the chrysalides”,Davidstorm best represents Charles Xavier’sphilosophy. I think this because , they are both telepathic , which helps them both realize that these humans are weaker than the mutants .they  try to help other fellow mutants , for example David  helping Petra to control and make thought-shapes and Charles helping to the mutants to control their abilities and use it only when needed. They also have someone that they care for, David has Petra to care for and Charles has ravened to care for. Both fit well in their respective societies. I think that even though they have their differences they have a lot in common.Charles Xavier’s point view is what I agree with. Since the human societies willbeginning to accept mutant .for example, the human society hasbegun to accept those with people with disabilities. Yet not only that, this society has begun to accept many things that were nice considered taboo. Another thing is sexism in the society, which is minimalized now and continuing to decrease. Thus, that is why I agree with Charles.  I think that Charles is a very caring best represent him from the chrysalides is David, since he is also a very caring person. I agree with him, since human society can accept different humans. So that is why I chose to represent Charles Xavier.

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