Blackberry mobile devices

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Blackberry is one of most amazing series of Smart phones which makes life easier to get through. It has the most amazing features in smart phones. It makes life easier for people to enjoy using their smart phones, chatting, checking their browsers and also use it as a regular cell phone for making a phone calls. What makes blackberry different from other devices is that Blackberry is a all about small computers and user can easily navigates through browser watching videos on YouTube and chat with people through BBM which stands for blackberry messenger. With BBM, user will be able to upload files, send pictures, scan bar codes to add friends into their list, follow contacts by seeing what they are listening to. In this paper I will be talking about four different kinds of blackberries, which makes life easier for user.

Blackberry curve 9380 is one of the best additions that blackberry publish in the market. It always has been fun and easy to use. On of the best features is that it is the first blackberry carve that supports touch screen interface and make it easy to navigates, text messaging and take a look at your friend pictures on Facebook by zooming in and out also easy to watch videos in YouTube but clicking into the full screen and because it has a large screen the video looks bigger, bright, interesting to watch the full videos. Blackberry curve 9380 is very light in weight which makes is easier for the user to carry it everywhere and no matter which occasions you are invited in, it will look very elegant in your hands. Blackberry 9380 will make your social life more interesting by using the BBM, which is a very intelligent application that will allow the user to chat with their friends and families in a really easy way, also the new BBM-connected applications which not only give the user the opportunity to chat while you are playing a Game or listening to music. Blackberry Curve also has a Five-megapixel camera, which allows the user to take a really high features photos or video and to easily share some great photos by uploading them at the same minutes to Facebook and twitter. With using blackberry curve there is a new technology is called Augmented Reality technology, which allows the user to use their devices is many several ways. For example, user can use the camera to point your camera into it by using an application called Wikitude that will tell the user more information about. Blackberry 9380 is a great Smartphone with a lot of features on. For instance, it is very easy to use with the touch screen and the on screen keyboard, it also has a very big screen which is 480×360 pixel which helps you easily use the all of the features, it has several connection Wi-Fi and also 3G that helps the user to use the internet everywhere in the world. Using 9380 is the best thing that helps you make life easier.

However, Blackberry torch 9850 is an awesome device because it has a multiple features. It has 253ppi high-resolution touch display; it is the largest touch screen ever in blackberry. Blackberry torch has a very good battery user can talk for 6.8 hours and standby 13 days. The camera is 5 megapixel as well but it has a flash and the Auto focus features that help you have a very clear photo and no need to hold up in your pocket two devices camera and phone. This device has 800×480 pixel, which almost support more than 16 million colors. It has GPS, which helps you get your way. For example, if you are lost and you need to go to the nearest shopping mall you could do that by using the GP3, which give you the right way to go through. This Device will give you the opportunity to chat with your friends in a very easy way. Because of the large screen that makes everything clear for the user. Browsing in blackberry torch is the best thing because of the big screen that gives you the feel as if you are using your laptop and you can use with out feeling that you need your laptop because you get bored. When user is playing games, it is really wonderful because it makes it is color full and very great. Now you can enjoy your life in a very easy way by having a blackberry torch phones.

Blackberry bold 9900 is a touch and type device, which allows the user to touch and type at the same time. This feature will give the user the opportunity to do multiple of things all on one step, which is save the user lots of time. Blackberry bold is the thinnest blackberry Smartphone in the market yet, which ultimately make it easier to carry out everywhere. It conceder to be one of the fast blackberries devices when it comes to loading websites, scrolling over the device, and also when zooming in the blackberry world. The Wi-Fi connection is very strong you will never lose the connection of Internet either you are waiting at the airport or you are at home the Internet connection the exactly the same. It makes user feel comfortable while using it. Blackberry torch has lost of new features; for example, the blackberry balance technology that helps the user to separate between their private life and their work helps the user not to mix between them. It has a five-megapixel camera as well but also the HD video captures which helps you to easily capture the most amazing moments in your life. Blackberry bold is the best Smartphone in blackberry because it simply understand you and let you easily work and do not stop and think about how use this features or you may have to go and ask about how to use them. If you are using blackberry bold then you are so lucky and life will be easier for you.

In conclusion, these are the best mobile devices that blackberry had currently published in the market. I think the blackberry will beet the iPhone at the next cells phone that they may appear because they are thinking clearly about how to make their product useful for user and makes the user feel comfortable using them. Iphone starts to  be repetitive and using the same features again and again but blackberry company is trying their best to be the best thing in the market.





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