Augustine and Machiavelli – between utilitarianism and deontology

Main part of the paper should be divided in two sections, where both authors (Augustine and Machiavelli) and their creations (“de civitate dei”, “il principe”, “discorsi”) are presented. (2-3 pages)

Comparison of both views and how they were influenced by their particular (historical) circumstances. (ca. 1-2 pages)

Main question of the paper should be, if the opinions of the authors could be understood as “utilitarian” or “deontological” (or any of those other ethic theories..whatever you think fits). (1-2 pages)

Short summary about the outcome of the paper and continuative discussion, lasting questions. (1-2 pages)

All in all ca. 10 pages.

Important: logical buildup of the argumentation, interpretations of the reading should be with a reference to the specific page.

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