Artistotle and Maria

For this assignment, you have been assigned to discuss one of the women activists from Made in LA using the philosophy of the Aristotle. You are to answer two questions for this paper:

1) How does Maria contribute to the common good for American society according to Aristotle?
2) Would Aristotle believe that American society is contributing to the good for Maria? (Be sure to explain why or why not).

In writing this paper, you should state, what the common good is from the perspective of Aristotle (give support from the text). Next, answer question 1 and question 2.

In evaluating the paper, I will look for evidence that you understand two things: 1) how an individual contributes to the good of society and 2) how society helps individuals to flourish. Also, I will read to make sure that you have understood the philosophy that you have read. Finally, I will read to make sure that you can accurately apply the philosophy that you have read.

sources :

Edition: 7TH

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