Art & Architecture

1.) I will select the piece of art, which will be Gray weather, Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat
created in 1888.

2.) Reflect my knowlege of visual Art terminology
3.) Casual,( controversial, and in the first person) double spaced, and font size 12 Times New Roman
4.) include museum visited (Philadephia Art Museum), title, county, date, size and location where i saw the work
5.) explain what it is. It is going to be an Oil Painting
6._ Explain the style ( impressionism)
7.) Explain how the work was created. What materials method and unique approaches were used.
8.) Describe in detail the shapes, colors, lines, patters, perspective, depth, mass, volume, shading, foreshortening, and other artistic techniques,
9.) what is the expressive content of the work and how and why does the artist develop shapes forms and colors to express his uniqueness.
10.) what is my personal response to this piece of art and why I chose it.
11.) the cultural and historical backround surrounding it and the artist and what meaning do i percieve from it.

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