Any kown business

Section 1 – Overview: (to be written last) this should be a summary of the case study, similar to a conclusion, but more of a preface to what we are about to read. 100 words Section 2 – Background: Give me a summary of the company and/or company event that you are examining. 100 words Section 3 – Analysis: Here you will identify the problem if there is one, analyze it, describe the steps it took to get to that problem (and identify it). You will also include your SWOT analysis in this section. You can either write it out paragraph formation or provide bullets for each section – it is up to you. (250 words) Section 4 – Solution: What was identified as the best course of action to correct a specific problem currently existing or a problem anticipated coming up. What did it take to get to a solution? (100 words) Section 5 – Results: Simply present findings – What was the result of section 4? (100 words)

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