antisocial personality disorder (APD).

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I would consider that Adolf Hitler predominantly had antisocial personality disorder (APD). As a child, Hitler’s father “savagely beat his son if he did not do as he was told” (Spartacus Educational, 2008). Hitler grew with resentment towards his father and a close relationship to his mother. He did not tolerate competition; this was evident in his school years when he dropped out early in his secondary school years, even though his primary years were filled with educational success. He was not able to adapt and apply himself in an educational environment that involved interacting with others and new challenges. Hitler was only comfortable when he was the leader, “Hitler liked giving orders”, so as he was strayed away from his fellow pupils because of his demanding ways “he spent his time with younger pupils” where he felt powerful (Spartacus Educational, 2008).

People suffering from APD “often get into physical fights”(Wade & Tavris, 2008, p. 385). In fact Hitler “enjoyed games that involved fighting” for many years, even late in his teenage years “he loved re-enacting battles from the Boer War” (Spartacus Educational, 2008). Although he signed up for military service, he did not “meet obligations” to serve in Austria because of his beliefs, therefore displaying irresponsibility. Hitler was impulsive in his acts, “he did not mind risking his life” to impress others, neither did he care for his personal well-being, in fact he often “volunteered for dangerous missions” (Spartacus Educational, 2008). He was perceived as “odd and peculiar” by his fellow army soldiers, he was seen as an “isolated figure” since he spent hours in silence and would suddenly “jump up and make a speech” in a state of outburst (Spartacus Educational, 2008). His eccentric behavior did not allow him to get far in the military though, most probably because his leadership thought he would not be respected by others due to his behavior.

When he was imprisoned he also “suffered from depression and talked of committing suicide” (Spartacus Educational, 2008). He had fallen into deep depression before when Germany surrendered during World War 1, reflecting a pattern on the behavior.

Later on Hitler became the con-artist and heartless man written in history today, displaying more of a psychopathically-like disorder. His speeches induced masses to commit acts of violence against Jews. He had a “conniving charm” (Wade & Tavris, 2008, p. 385). He placed tricks on his enemies in order to expand the war and reach further areas in order to meet his goals. His heartlessness was evident with countless acts and decisions such as deciding to place orders of slow death for enemy leaders. An example of this is the brutality of having them “hung with piano wire from meat-hooks”(Spartacus Educational, 2008).

I believe that during Adolf Hitler’s life he displayed at least 3 psychological disorders.

Throughout his lifetime and very strongly during his younger years he displayed antisocial personality disorder (APD). He had patterns such as disregarding safety, being manipulative, instability and an enjoyment of physical encounters (among others).

Throughout his mid-life he displayed patterns of depression. He was anxious about war up comings and placed all his energies in this area, affecting his emotions and behavior.

Later on in his life he displayed some tendencies of being psychopath. This was displayed in his acts of “heartlessness and conniving charm”, he also was “utterly charming” in his in-crowd, he managed to use his charm “to manipulate and deceive others” consistently (Wade & Tavris, 2008, p. 385). This art was what helped him get as far as he did in his acts.



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