Analyze lines 94-102. What is the overall message of these lines? Why is it significant to our wanderers place in life now?

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“The Wanderer” Questions
Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use examples from the poem when appropriate. 

  1. 1) Identify the two speakers in the poem.  Does this change affect the poem?
  1. 2) Identify two lines/images that represent the theme of isolation and despair (give the line numbers).
  1. 3) Why is the speaker “wandering” alone?  What is he looking for?
  1. 4) What does the wanderer dream about?  Why is this significant?
  1. 5) What is the speaker’s attitude towards wisdom?  (Line 52-69)
  1. 6) A homily is a statement(s) that gives general advice pertaining to conduct and morals.  What does our wanderer say a wise, good man should do?
  1. 7) Analyze lines 77-79.  What structures is the wanderer talking about?  Why are these structures significant? (Hint: consider what they represent to him.)
  1. 8)  Analyze lines 94-102.  What is the overall message of these lines?  Why is it significant to our wanderers place in life now?
  1. 9) In the last few lines the narrator returns.  What is the narrator’s reaction to the wanderer’s speech?  What is the narrator’s message to the wanderer?
  1. 10)  Give an example of a caesura and kenning from the poem.
“The Wanderer” Plot Points:
  1. 1) Man exiled on a cold sea
  2. 2) Friends died around him
  3. 3) Failing spirit (no one’s left) – won’t unlock himself to anyone
  4. 4) Looking for another lord
  5. 5) Dreams of what was… grieving
  6. 6) Feelings toss like the sea
  7. 7) What is a wise man/ a brave man (wisdom comes with experience)
  8. 8) All is gone like it never even was there
  9. 9) Memorials are the only things left
  10. 10) Guard your faith!!! You’re never alone with God
Theme:  exile, destruction of self when alone,
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